Saturday, September 24, 2011

A little about me...

Ok Day two on the Pro Blogger First week of Blogging Challenge.  I'm sorry I have not posted.  Which is totally my deal, I start something and then never have time to get into it.  I really have not been able to even look at this book for over a week.  Let me tell you why and why I started this blog.

Well it is football season, and really I should have know that I would not have time for myself.  These next few months are dedicated to my son and running around chasing him from one football game to another, driving him to and fro school for pep band and misc other activities.  And when I am not doing that I am trying to work.  I am a freelance Social Media/ Online Marketing Consultant.  My clients consist of 3 Marketing Agencies, 1 Painters and a Coffee Shop.   They keep me busy when I'm not trying to be a wife and a mom.  Oh ya I have a wonderful husband that supports my career as long as i'm paying the bills and keeping him happy. Both my boys feel neglected most days.  

Ok now you know why I have not posted,lets get to know why I started this blog.  Well simply put I keep buying all these great books and never get time to read them.  I figured if I could have a place to document all of my finding I would have a place to reference if I needed to remember something.  Plus if I read and and then write about it I will remember it!

So I hope that you get as much out of this as I do.  Until Later!


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