Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome to my Social Media and Blogging Challenge

Welcome to my Social Media and Blogging Challenge!

If you don't already know me I have some really big hair brained ideas and this on has to top my list.  I decided to make it a goal to read at least one chapter a night of all the Social Media and Blogging books/ebooks that I have bought. Not only because I am wasting my money with them just sitting on my computer or iPad but I need to read them so I can educate myself more on Social Media and Blogging.  My goal for this blog is to document my reading and share it with the world and maybe in the process help others learn more about Social Media and Blogging along the way.

If you would like to join me me my challenge, the first ebook I will be reading is ProBlogger: Guide to your First Week of Blogging follow this link to buy the book and follow along. 

I will post every night with what the assignment is and what I came up with for an answer.  

Tomorrow night will be the first post.  

Hope you can join me.

The Twitter hashtag for this blog will be #SMBC if you want to follow on twitter.

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