Sunday, September 25, 2011

ProBlogger: Guide to your First Week of Blogging ...Day 2 #SMBC

Day 2: Publish and build presence

Task 1: Publish your launch Post. You can see that here.

Task 2: Create a "my story" post. You can see that here.

Task 3: Develop a publishing process.  mmmmm...I'm not sure on this one. I do understand why ProBlogger is telling us to created a check list but I think that this is done after time.  You need to figure out your style first and if your style is to be random then there is not need for a check list.  My other blog is just me ranting and raving about random topics.  I do have a check list that I go threw in my head like, spell check, preview and read, label the posts, and then schedule. 

Now for the business blogs that I write on, it would probably be a good idea to get this type of checklist in place.  So lets try and create one now. 
·      The post has a keyword rich title. (good for SEO)
·      The post has an image. If I did not create the image make sure that credit is given to its creator.
·      I’ve spell checked the post.
·      I’ve read and re-read the post.
·      I’ve fact checked info in the post
·      I’ve included title and meta tags
·      I’ve used links when I could.
·      I’ve gotten one other to read the post before I scheduled it to go out.

Task 4: Generate ideas  for pillar content. I like this brainstorming idea, I come back to it allot when I need to come up with more topics to write about.  Because this blog is just summarizing my reading my topics will be each chapter.
When doing this for a business blog it is a good idea to come back to generate more topics, as you do this you may want to include other employees, they will have other ideas then you do and it will generate more topics to write on.

Task 5: Establish your social presence.  This is a must for any blog. Not only is this a great way to promote your blog but blogging is inherently community-focused.  Social media is one of the best ways to attract and promote visitors to your blog. One visitor will tell others and soon you will have a huge following.  I won’t get into all the details here will save that for my other blog.
I am torn if I create a separate Facebook page for this blog I think for now I will keep it a secret and just tell a few others what I am doing. If they choose to share that’s fine with me.  I started this blog as a personal challenge to myself to read all the books that I have bought and document my process as I went along.  I really have no other purpose intended for it. 

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